Meet Wyatt Leonard, Trilogy’s Private Account Manager for Wholesale Investments

Having started at Trilogy as an Investor Relations Officer, Wyatt Leonard quickly progressed to our Private Account Manager for Wholesale Investors.

During his career with Trilogy, Wyatt has built a broad network of clients and fostered lasting relationships with investors. Always undertaking a client-centric approach, Wyatt has helped many of our wholesale investors find competitive income-solutions.

We sat down with Wyatt to discuss his role and how he adds value for his clients and potential investors.

Wyatt Leonard | Business Development Manager Wholesale Investments | Trilogy Fuds

1. What motivated you to pursue a career in financial investments?

“Truthfully, I was always interested in maths and business, so I naturally fell into financial services. I completed a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Finance, at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2017. While studying, I undertook two internships at Marsh Tincknell Chartered Accountants and Westpac, where I learnt from industry experienced professionals servicing high-net-worth customers.

I started at Trilogy following university as an Investor Relations Officer where I learnt the ins-and-outs of our investment products and processes while performing data processing and answering investor calls. I was then promoted to a sales role where I love going out and meeting clients in person,” Wyatt said.


2. What does your role entail as a Private Account Manager?

“Working at a property-based investment firm, my role is all about developing lasting relationships with our investors, understanding their needs and being their direct point of call if they require assistance.

Our investor relations team is also responsible for driving growth of our various investment opportunities and assisting prospective investors understand our products.

Within my role, I provide a personal service for all direct and wholesale investors, so they can contact me directly to assist with any queries seamlessly. This way, our investors can speak to the same person every time, who knows them and their investment needs.”


3. What does a typical day entail?

“Touching base with our existing investors and talking with any prospective investors about existing and upcoming opportunities.

I also allocate time to familiarise myself with any updates to our Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and Regulatory Guides (RG) and keep up to date on current market trends with our investment teams so I can better assist our clients to make informed decisions.”


4. How do you make sure you understand your clients’ needs?

“Asking appropriate questions that assist me in understanding what a client is seeking, their product knowledge, financial literacy and investment parameters is essential.

I take a holistic approach to provide clients with additional knowledge and service that will help them on their journey to meet their financial goals.

It’s also important to consider that no two clients are the same. Knowing the client’s parameters, such as what asset class they are looking for, level of liquidity or return they are seeking and risk appetite – allows me to offer a tailored approach to suit individual investors.”

Wyatt Leonard | Business Development Manager Wholesale Investments | Trilogy Funds
L-R: Alison Lancaster, Head of Investor Relations & Distributions, Wyatt Leonard,
Private Account Manager and Alex Newbery, Investor Relations Team Leader.


5. What opportunities do you see for clients in the current market?

“During 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many investors reverted back to cash at bank and withdrew their investments from all asset classes, even those that were typically considered to be ‘safe havens’. After recouping what value they could in the assets held at the time, many investors’ portfolios were left with large cash allocations.

In the current historically low interest rate environment, the challenge for investors is the hunt for yield. However, this also presents a unique opportunity for investors to revaluate their investment strategy, rebalance their portfolios and assign new allocations accordingly.

Products designed to seek diversified income, and those based on the Australian property sector – which proved resilient in 2020 and is growing in 2021 – provide options for investors in this current market.”


6. What has been one of your biggest achievements working at Trilogy?

“I have enjoyed developing strong client relationships and broadening my network, but I would say the highlight has been seeing the growth of Trilogy and being a part of that growth. When I first started in 2017, our flagship income fund had approximately $90 million funds under management. Fast forward to today, it now has over $480 million under management.”


7. Three key ingredients to success in your role?

    1. Admitting what you don’t know and seeking experts on the matter to further your own understanding.
    2. Setting, measuring, evaluating and refining your goals, as well as maintaining accurate reporting so you can figure out what’s working and where you can improve.
    3. Personal development – there’s always more to learn.


8. What’s the best career advice you’ve ever been told?

“You’re never the most important person on the phone call.”


9. Why Trilogy?

“The people and the culture. Trilogy has a flat organisational structure and there’s little hierarchical division. I love that I can walk down the hall and chat with our senior directors, who have decades of experience in the industry, and seek their help on both a personal and professional level. We also have a close-knit team who support each other through good and challenging times.”


10. Who is your personal role model?

“My mum. Her success as a small business owner can be attributed to her positivity and motivation,” Wyatt said.

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