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Trilogy Industrial Property Trust

Invest in a diversified portfolio of industrial property for as little as $20,000

Introducing the 

Trilogy Industrial Property Trust

An award-winning Trust offering exposure to an exciting sector of the property market. The Trilogy Industrial Property Trust holds a diversified portfolio of industrial properties and has delivered capital growth and tax-effective, monthly income payments to investors, for over 5 years.

  • How Does It Work?

    In this short video, we step you through how the Trust works and what you can expect from your investment.

Well-established investment themes

The trust invests in Australian industrial properties – this sector exploits well-established trends and themes including:

  • Onshoring of supply chains in a post-covid economy creates greater demand for industrial space
  • Growth in online shopping creates demand for logistics and warehousing
  • Growth in e-commerce including remote working creates demand for data warehousing space
  • Positive net-migration increases aggregate demand which promotes industrial activity growth
Sophisticated management approach

From asset selection through to ongoing management, we focus on a range of considerations including:

  • Diversification geographically and by tenant industry
  • Valuations
  • Strength of tenant
  • Strength of tenant industry
  • Local market conditions
  • Fostering strong tenant relationships
  • The opportunity for value-add and tenant-led expansion

High quality tenants representing strong brands including:

Tax-effective investment

Non-cash deductions such as depreciation, allow the Trust to distribute income that includes a “non-assessable component” for tax purposes.

This component is not assessed for income tax purposes when the income is distributed. However, capital gains tax may be payable if and when a capital gains event is triggered in the future – hence the term “tax-deferred income”.

When tax-deferred income is distributed, the cost-base of an investor’s holding in the Trust is reduced by the tax-deferred income amount. If units in the Trust are later redeemed, the reduced cost -base has the impact of increasing any applicable capital gain, which would in turn impact capital gains tax payable.

A capital gains tax discount of 50% for individuals and 33.3% for complying superannuation funds may apply if the units were held for more than a year.

Capital gains tax liability may be further reduced if the superannuation fund is in pension phase or if there are losses against which to offset the gain.

You can view historical tax-deferred amounts in “Returns and fund data” below.

Industry accolades
  • Winner
    Financial newswires / SQM Direct Property Fund Manager of the Year 2023
  •  Winner
    Money Management Rising Star of the Year 2023 (PM Ryan Mooney)
  • Finalist
    Australian Wealth Management Real Estate Fund Manager of the Year
  • Recognised
    Livewire Top 5 Property Fund 2022
  • Finalist
    Financial newswires / SQM Direct Property Fund Manager of the Year 2022

Not sure where to start?

Whether you’re considering an investment in a property trust, a diversified income fund or a private real estate credit fund, our products aim to provide investors with a competitive monthly income.

Our team can discuss Trilogy Funds investments options so you can decide what works best for you.

Returns to 30 June 2024

1Month% 3Month% 6Month% 1Year%PA 3Year%PA 5Year%PA Since Launch%PA
Income 0.60 1.79 3.55 7.14 7.07 7.43 7.61
Growth (0.46) (1.41) (2.23) 0.59 1.28 2.12 1.72
Total 0.14 0.38 1.32 6.55 8.35 9.55 9.33
Distributions are variable each month, net of management fees, costs and assume no reinvestment. Distributions are paid monthly in arrears. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Total return = (Unit pricet – Unit pricet-1 + Distribution per unitt)/ Unit pricet-1

Our Property Portfolio

Important Documents (Click to view or download)

how Trilogy
can help you.

Trust Updates

Important updates regarding the Trilogy Industrial Property Trust can be found here. Please check this section regularly to keep aware of important  updates and changes relating to the Trust. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Investor Relations team on 1800 230 099 or by emailing investorrelations@trilogyfunds.com.au

Scroll the table below:

Date Document Type
01.05.2024 NEW RG46 Investor update
01.03.2024 2024 INTERIM WITHDRAWAL OFFER | The 2024 Interim Withdrawal Offer period is now closed. Applications closed at 5pm (AEST) Thursday 29 February 2024. Full details relating to the offer can be found here Investor update
11.09.2023 NEW PDS, TMD AND RG46 Investor update
28.02.2023 NEW RG46 Investor update
14.12.2022 STUART HIGHWAY, BERRIMAH, NORTHERN TERRITORY | Settlement of Stuart Highway, Berrimah, Northern Territory occurred on Wednesday 14 December 2022. Acquisition
02.12.2022 STUART HIGHWAY, BERRIMAH, NORTHERN TERRITORY | A contract was signed for a new property to add to the Trust in Berrimah, Northern Territory on Friday 2 December 2022. Investor update
30.09.2022 NEW RG46  Investor Update
30.09.2022 New TMD; Click here for historical TMD  Investor Update
12.09.2022 MARTIN DRIVE, TOMAGO, NEW SOUTH WALES | Settlement of Martin Drive, Tomago, New South Wales occurred on Monday 12 September 2022. Acquisition
05.09.2022 MARTIN DRIVE, TOMAGO, NEW SOUTH WALES | A contract was signed for a new property to add to the Trust in Tomago, New South Wales on Monday 5 September 2022. Investor update
26.07.2022 Supplementary product disclosure statement – july 2022 Investor Update
30.06.2022 ANNUAL REPORT Investor Update
10.06.2022 RON PARKINSON CRESCENT, CORBOULD PARK, QUEENSLAND | Settlement of Ron Parkinson Crescent, Corbould Park, Queensland occurred on Friday 10 June 2022. Acquisition
26.05.2022 RON PARKINSON CRESCENT, CORBOULD PARK, QUEENSLAND | A contract was signed for a new property to add to the Trust in Corbould Park, Queensland on Thursday 26 May 2022. Investor update
12.04.2022 CARRINGTON ROAD, TORRINGTON, QUEENSLAND | Settlement of Carrington Road, Torrington, Queensland occurred on Monday 11 April 2022. Acquisition
12.04.2022 COLEMANS ROAD, CARRUM DOWNS, VICTORIA | A 550 square metre extension to the existing warehouse at the Carrum Downs property will be constructed to support the tenant, Tempur Australia, with product expansion. The construction project will commence in coming months and is due for completion in August 2022. Property update
17.03.2022 CARRINGTON ROAD, TORRINGTON, QUEENSLAND | A contract was signed for a new property to add to the Trust in Torrington, Queensland on Thursday 17 March 2022. Investor update
02.02.2022 2022 Withdrawal offer | The 2022Withdrawal Offer period is now closed. Withdrawal applications must be received no later than 5pm (AEST), Tuesday 1 March 2022. Please ensure you read the Withdrawal Offer document for full details.    Investor Update
02.02.2022 PDS Update – February 2022  Investor Update
02.02.2022 2022 withdrawal offer frequently asked questions   Investor Update
09.12.2021 MAGNESIUM STREET, NARANGBA, QUEENSLAND | Settlement of Magnesium Street, Narangba, Queensland occurred on Thursday 9 December 2021. Acquisition
09.11.2021 MAGNESIUM STREET, NARANGBA, QUEENSLAND | A contract was signed for a new property to add to the Trust in Narangba, Queensland on Tuesday 9 November 2021. Investor update
14.10.2021 GALLEGHAN STREET, HEXHAM, NEW SOUTH WALES | Settlement of Galleghan Street, Hexham, New South Wales occurred on Thursday 14 October 2021. Acquisition
01.10.2021 Target MARKET DETERMINATION (TMD) Investor Update
24.09.2021 GALLEGHAN STREET, HEXHAM, NEW SOUTH WALES | A contract was signed for a new property to add to the Trust in Hexham, New South Wales on Friday 24 September 2021. Investor update
31.08.2021 DACMAR ROAD, COOLUM BEACH, QUEENSLAND | Settlement of Dacmar Road, Coolum Beach, Queensland occurred on Tuesday 31 August 2021. Acquisition
02.08.2021 PUBLICATION OF UNIT PRICE & DISTRIBUTION RATES | Unit price and distribution rates will be published on the website on or around the 7th business day of each month.

Investors who submitted completed applications (including receipt of cleared funds in the Trust’s account) by 4.00 pm on the last business day of the previous month will receive confirmation of units issued via their preferred communication method on or around the 9th business day of each month.

In line with the PDS, distributions are paid on or around the 8th business day for investors.

Investor update
30.07.2021 MOOREBANK ROAD, WELLCAMP, QUEENSLAND | Settlement of Moorebank Road, Wellcamp, Queensland occurred on Friday 30 July 2021. Acquisition
29.07.2021 DACMAR ROAD, COOLUM BEACH, QUEENSLAND | A contract was signed for a new property to add to the Trust in Coolum, Queensland on Thursday 29 July 2021. Investor update
09.07.2021 Moorebank Road, Wellcamp, Queensland | A contract was signed for a new property to add to the Trust in Wellcamp, Queensland on Friday 9 July 2021. Investor update
01.07.2021 PRODUCT DISCLOSURE STATEMENT Investor update
30.06.2021 Annual report Investor update
28.06.2021 COLEMANS ROAD, CARRUM DOWNS, VICTORIA | Settlement of Colemans Road, Carrum Downs, Victoria occurred on Monday 28 June 2021. Acquisition
31.05.2021 RG46 Investor update
16.10.2020 GRAVEL PIT ROAD, DARRA, QUEENSLAND  | Gravel Pit Road, Darra is part of the Trilogy Industrial Property Trust (Trust) portfolio occurred on Friday, 16 October 2020. Acquisition
9.10.2020 Closed for Investment | Within two weeks of opening for investment, we are pleased to announce that the Trust has reached full subscription of $18.155m and is now closed for investment. Investor update
25.09.2020 Open for investment | The trust is now open for investment. $18.155 M offer amount. Investor update
30.06.2020 Annual Report Investor update

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