Why property (versus shares)

People have often asked Trilogy’s Managing Director, Philip Ryan whether he likes property more than he likes shares…

As leading fund managers of property based investments, it’s no secret that at Trilogy, we’re passionate about property. One of our Investor Relations Specialists, Wyatt Leonard recently sat down with our Managing Director, Philip Ryan to chat about why he chooses property investment over investing on the share market.

In truth, he actually started out in shares, when he bought this first share when he was 14 and then progressed into buying property when he was 24.

Philip believe both property and shares should form part of a balanced portfolio. With shares you’re putting your faith in a number of individuals who are directors of the company, who it’s likely you’ve never met, you know little about, and trust them to do the right thing.

Property is a little bit different as it’s something which you can touch and feel. You can also improve it, and you can improve it in a number of ways. In this video, Philip explains further, why he chooses property over shares.

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