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Trilogy Industrial Property Trust

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8.05% PA*

September 2023 net distribution rate annualised. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Rates are variable.

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Seeking development or construction finance?

Trilogy Funds is one of Australia’s leading specialist lenders to the residential, commercial, industrial and retail property development construction sectors.

new-home IncomePerformance

Over $3.2bn worth of projects financed over the last 5 years.


Over 4,200 properties under management.


Over 6,000 active investors.


Over 4,700 dwellings and lots financed over the last 5 years.*

*Under JV arrangement

Diversified income
Trilogy Enhanced Income Fund
    6.30% pa1

  • Investment strategy

    Invests in:

    Cash, cash-style investments, investment-grade income securities and  the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust.

  • Minimum investment

    $5,000 minimum investment
  • monthly distribution profile

    Monthly distributions3
  • Fixed unit price

    Fixed $1.00 unit price4
  • 30 day access

    30 day access to funds
  • investment grade securities

    Investment grade securities

Private real estate credit
Trilogy Monthly Income Trust
     8.05% pa1

  • Investment strategy

    Invests in:

    Loans secured against registered first mortgages held over property, as well as cash and other fixed interest securities.

  • Minimum

    $10,000 minimum investment
  • Distributions

    Monthly distributions3
  • Unit price

    Fixed $1.00 unit price4
  • Track record

    17 year track record

  • Security

    Loans secured against registered first mortgages

Direct property
Trilogy Industrial Property Trust
                    current yield: 7.21% pa1,2      
  Total return since inception: 9.33% pa2             

  • Invests in

    Invests in:

    A portfolio of Australian industrial properties diversified geographically and by tenant industry.

  • Minimum investment

    $20,000 minimum investment
  • Distributions

    Monthly distributions3
  • Capital growth

    Capital growth potential
  • Tax effective

    Tax deferred income
  • High quality tenants

    100% leased to quality 

Sophisticated investors
Wholesale opportunities

We offer a range of products for investors who qualify under ASIC’s sophisticated investor test.

MDC Trilogy
Wholesale Yield Fund I

Quarterly income from economic exposure to Australia’s strong rental markets. The Fund has successfully delivered its target 10%p.a. return every quarter since inception.

Trilogy Wholesale Income Fund

All the benefits of the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust, but offering superior rates for eligible investors.

Coming soon:
Trilogy Wholesale Income Series

Access to single loan investments to allow wholesale investors to tailor their portfolio.

  1. Net distribution rate paid to investors for the month ended 30 June 2024. Distributions are calculated daily and paid monthly in arrears. Distributions are quoted net of management fees and costs and assume no reinvestment. Distributions are variable and are not guaranteed to be paid monthly. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
  2. The Trilogy Industrial Property Trust current yield is the monthly distribution yield annualised, based on the 1 July 2024 unit price. The total return includes capital growth and income returns. Fund Inception May 2017
  3. Distributions are variable and are not guaranteed to be paid monthly.
  4. While the unit price is fixed, capital losses can occur if an asset of the Trust incurs a capital loss.

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For over 25 years Trilogy Funds has specialised in property-backed, income investments. We have successfully navigated numerous economic, property and interest rate cycles, seeking to maximise returns while preserving capital in our credit portfolios and pursuing growth in our property investments.
Our experience, expertise and reputation enable us to source high quality opportunities for our retail, wholesale, and institutional investors.

For income performance, invest with Trilogy Funds.

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