How our Lending team adds value through the life of each loan

As one of Australia’s leading non-bank lenders, we’ve been providing tailored funding solutions to the residential, commercial, industrial and retail property development and construction sectors for over 20 years. 

Our experienced team of Portfolio Managers are responsible for the management of these loans from inception to completion. 

With assistance through capital sources, including our managed funds and private investors, the team have enabled the successful completion of hundreds of construction projects along the eastern seaboard of Australia. 

Interested in learning more about how our Portfolio Managers support brokers and borrowers? Read on, as we introduce the team and demonstrate how they add value to each project.

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How we add value through the life of a loan 

Our investors can’t prosper unless you and your clients do. As the performance of each loan underpins the returns provided to the investors in our investment products, our Lending team goes above and beyond to add value at each stage of the loan. 


Loan application 

We specialise in providing loans from $3 million to $30 million to finance property development and construction purposes for residential, industrial, retail and commercial projects. 

We fund projects including (but not limited to) townhouses, apartment buildings, industrial complexes, land sub-divisions, service stations, childcare centres, homes, duplexes, and retail shops.

Once you or your client submits a loan application, a Portfolio Manager will be assigned to the application and will review the proposal.  

During this stage, your Portfolio Manager will perform thorough due diligence and feasibility assessments, including financial analysis, and risk assessments. 

We believe in supporting developers with a strong track record and knowledge of the markets they’re operating in. Rather than relying solely on the level of pre-sales, we consider loans based on factors including:  

  • The property development and construction experience of the stakeholders involved in the project 
  • Detail of the project proposal, and 
  • Your track record as a borrower. 


Initial terms and settlement 

We aim to provide an indicative response to your proposal within 48 hours as we understand time is of the essence as a property developer. 

During this stage, your Portfolio Manager will develop loan terms that are tailored to your project merits and its risk profile with the aim of supporting your project achieve the best possible outcome. These loan terms will include interest rates, the maximum Loan to Valuation ratio, cashflow forecasts, and loan repayment options.  

Once these terms have been finalised, they will prepare and submit a loan submission seeking formal review and approval from our Lending Committee – an experienced panel including a solicitor, quantity surveyor, and finance professionals.   


Ongoing management  

Your dedicated Portfolio Manager will work closely with you and actively manage the progress of the project throughout the life of the loan, from project outset to selldown.  

Our Head of Lending and Property Assets, Clinton Arentz explains that such a high level of involvement means we can identify, monitor, and address any potential issues before they arise. 

“For example, if a project began falling behind schedule, or there was a variation in the construction cost relative to the original plan, we would contact the developer, arrange a meeting with them and develop solutions together,” Clinton said.  

“In some cases, we might make suggestions such as increasing resources in a particular area or element of construction delivery to get the project back on track. Just as we do with construction solutions, we have a range of marketing solutions and exit strategy solutions that we can bring to the table where needed. 

“All in all, it’s a level of service and commitment that we believe separates us from other lenders,” he said. 

Meet our team of Portfolio Managers 

Our Lending team is led by Clinton Arentz and currently comprises eight Portfolio Managers and several key support staff who assist in the delivery of a smooth experience for brokers and borrowers. 

Together, the team has diverse experience across the areas of commercial lending, property, development and construction, project management, quantity surveying and finance. 

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This article has been prepared for existing and prospective borrowers and brokers and provides information only about Trilogy Funds’ lending services. Trilogy Funds Management Limited (Trilogy Funds) ABN 59 080 383 679 AFSL 261425 is not a licensed credit provider and does not make loans regulated by the National Credit Code. The source of Trilogy Funds’ loans may include managed investments schemes registered with ASIC, as well as other private lending arrangements with high net worth investors. If you would like more details on our investment opportunities, please contact us.

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