Foresight Analytics rates two Trilogy Funds Management Funds

This media release was originally published by Foresight Analytics on 21 December, 2021. It is reproduced here in full without amendment. 

Foresight Analytics has completed a ratings assessment of two funds managed by Trilogy Funds Management; the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust (TMIT) and Trilogy Enhanced Income Fund (TEIF). Both the Monthly Income Trust and the Enhanced Income Fund have been assigned a VERY STRONG investment rating.

The investment rating of VERY STRONG is the second highest rating on the scale used by Foresight Analytics and reflects a very strong level of confidence that the Fund can deliver a risk-adjusted return in line with its positive absolute return objective.

The Monthly Income Trust has been assigned a VERY STRONG rating and a Foresight Complexity Indicator of COMPLEX indicating that a large proportion of the Trust’s assets are illiquid and that the underlying assets require specialist investment skills to acquire and monitor.

The Enhanced Cash Fund has been assigned a VERY STRONG rating and a Foresight Complexity Indicator of RELATIVELY SIMPLE which indicates that, while the Trust is expected to move fairly closely in line with mainstream markets, there may be periods where it outperforms or underperforms.

Both Funds are managed by Trilogy Funds Management, a Sydney-based investment management firm. The team at Trilogy is very experienced, having been in this sector since before GFC. They have built a diversified, risk-averse portfolio of mortgages which continues to drive strong, stable returns.

Foresight Analytics’ analyst, Maggie Callinan, says “the ratings assigned to these Funds reflect Foresight Analytics’ confidence in Trilogy’s ability to meet their objective”.

She added, “the team’s experience, their actively managed approach, and rigorous risk management framework supports our designation of a Very Strong investment rating”.

The research report is available from

The information contained in the Foresight Analytics report and encapsulated in the investment rating is of a general nature only. The report and rating reflect the opinion of Foresight Analytics and Ratings Pty Limited (AFSL 494552). It does not take into account an individual’s objectives, financial situation, or needs. Professional advice should be sought before making an investment decision. A fee has been paid by the fund manager for the production of the report and investment rating. 

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