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What is a Property Trust?

Property trusts are an investment vehicle that purchases a property asset or range of assets in the residential, industrial, commercial, tourism or retail property sectors.  

They aim to generate regular distribution income for investors throughout the life of the trust via rental income from the property’s tenants, with the potential for capital growth when the asset is sold.  

Property trusts are also commonly known as property funds or property syndicates. 

Potential benefits of a Property Trust

Professional management

Investors in professionally managed property trusts benefit from the fund manager’s expertise in investment and property to source and acquire properties that meet the trust’s investment and risk management criteria. After the property is acquired, all components of managing the investment, such as maintenance, administration, rent collection and unexpected expenses, are managed by the fund manager – so investors don’t have to. 

Competitive income

Most property trusts are designed to provide investors with competitive and regular distribution income from the property during the life of a trust. 

Opportunity for capital growth

Investors in unlisted property trusts may receive a capital gain on their original investment if the value of the assets in the trust have increased upon sale, after relevant establishment costs and expenses have been accounted for.  

Exposure to the property sector

The Australian property market is currently a popular investment option among many investors. 

Property trusts provide an alternative way to invest in the property sector without direct property ownership.  

Portfolio diversification

Many property trusts contain several properties within their portfolios. This allows for a critical level of diversification across property assets, property sectors and geographic locations that may be difficult to achieve on your own. 

Property trusts may also be a suitable investment option to include as part of a diversified investment portfolio. 

Tax-deferred amounts

Australian resident investors in property trusts may be entitled to receive tax-deferred amounts on a regular basis. These may reduce the amount of income tax you pay from your investment in the trust in a given financial year due to non-cash deductions or tax concessions available to the Trust. Instead, tax liability is deferred until the asset is disposed of or the trust ends. 

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Our property trust investment option

Trilogy Industrial Property Trust

Current yield 

8.00% CPU*

Minimum investment

Investment strategy 

To build a diverse portfolio of industrial properties located in established regional and metropolitan precincts, that offer the opportunity of value-add. 

Distribution frequency 

Aims to pay monthly.

  • Competitive income returns
  • Sought after asset class
  • Opportunity for capital growth over the long term
  • Minimum investment $50,000

*Net distribution annualised for the month ended 31 May 2024. Distributions are variable each month, net of management fees, costs and assume no reinvestment. Distributions are paid monthly in arrears. Please note, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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