Identifying the right property

As Head of Property Assets at Trilogy, David Hogan leverages his many years of experience in property and finance to source high quality assets that will help our investors build their wealth.

A number of investors over the years have asked how we select the properties that we use for our property trusts. In this video, David highlights the key selection criteria we use when identifying the right properties for our property syndicates.

What is foremost for our team when selecting a property, is the preservation of capital for investors and secondly the income that investors will receive and the team’s confidence that it will be maintained throughout the life of the Trust and thirdly we look at growth in value of the asset so that at the end of the Trust, we can sell the property and investors can recover their initial investment with hopefully, a capital gain.

David discusses location, not limited to infrastructure delivery, e-commerce, land supply constraints and population growth as well as the physical building and its condition including the age of the building, such as condition of the lifts and air conditioning and whether the green credentials as they become more and more important in determining operational costs.

Most importantly, David talks about cash flow potential and the overall value of the asset.

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